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Simply Fruit E Liquid Bundle 48 60ml bottle mega package $350. 16 bottles of each flavors below. Pineapple – Bursting with tropical flavor, Simply Pineapple is the e-liquid embodiment of a juicy golden pineapple. So exotic and robust, every hit is like taking a big bite of the classic island fruit. Strawberry – Savor the bold taste of Simply Strawberry, a vape juice that captures the very essence of a ripe and freshly picked strawberry. No bells and whistles, just the irresistibly bright and refreshing sweetness of everyone’s favorite fruit. Watermelon – Simply Watermelon gives you the pure and fragrant flavor of freshly cut watermelon in a perfectly crafted vape juice. The sweet aroma of watermelon in this juice is so rich, it’ll leave you craving for more.


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